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Philip Sanford – Get Your Rear In Gear

Philip Sanford was in high school when his mom was diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer. She was just 41. As a grown-up, a runner, and an advocate, Sanford has picked up the cause his mother was unable to continue. 

He’s been to Capitol Hill to lobby for better outcomes. He’s also the local director for Charlotte’s colon cancer awareness run, the “Get Your Rear in Gear” 5k. He also happens to be a 2023 Novant Health Charlotte Marathon Ambassador – and he’s our guest on this episode of the Running Around Charlotte podcast.

Josh Rhodes – Ambassador

Our next guest on the Running Around Charlotte podcast fell hard and fast for this whole running thing. Let me read a line from his application to be a NHCM Ambassador:

“I ran my first Charlotte marathon in 2021 and loved it so much I ran the Wilmington marathon 3 months later in February 2022. Then I got into trail running …ran a 24 hour relay on a team of 6 and we placed 2nd in May of 2022. Then I ran the Charlotte marathon again this last year. Training for my first marathon just really brought on this brand new running lifestyle for me.”

Josh Rhodes is the guy who wrote that and we’re excited to meet him and introduce him to you.

C.J. Langley – Lead Ambassador

Have you gone seen our RunCharlotte Ambassador Events? Maybe gone on a run with them or heard their stories? Today we’re joined by someone who has been described as the heart and soul of the ambassador team.

Our guest is C.J. Langley. Not only is he a long time ambassador, he’s our new lead amabassdor. And he’s here to tell us what’s new with the team – and hown you can get support from our Ambassador team.

Eric Smith – Charlotte Running Club

Spring is a great time to get back into running, or into it for the first time. One of the things that’s great about running around Charlotte (see what I did there?) is that there are plenty of great place to run, and people to run with.

Whether you’re new to the local running scene or not, the Charlotte Running Club is one of the ways you can connect with who, what, and where to run in the area. Eric Smith is a long-time member and part of the executive board there. He’s our guest today on the Running Around Charlotte podcast.

Susan Sears – Go Jen Go

We all run for different reasons, some of us enjoy a good challenge, others like to stay in shape, but for some of us running is about more than just fitness. Running can be a great way to aid causes that you are passionate about, and one of the most well-known ways to do that is by running for the cure. Running can be a great way to stay active in the new year, but when used to help members of your community overcome cancer it turns into something even greater.

This week we welcome Susan Sears from GoJenGo to the podcast. Susan and the team at GoJenGo are very familiar with the challenges that come along with a cancer diagnosis and the struggles that patients and families go through. However, they are equally as familiar with the outpouring of love and support that can come with the diagnosis as well. Let’s jump right in and hear more from Susan about GoJenGo and the work they are doing.

Erin Del Giudice – Marathon Winner

Getting to the finish line is a huge accomplishment. Getting to the finish line first even more so. But when you are watching someone else run it’s hard to know just how much it took to get there. Did you know that Erin Del Giudice was running the 2022 Novant Health Charlotte Marathon? You might know that she won it, but what about the rest of her story? If you don’t, don’t worry it was a surprise to a lot of us!

Today on the Running Around Charlotte Podcast we are joined by Erin Del Guidice the female winner of the 2022 Novant Health Charlotte Marathon. She’s here today to tell us more about her story and the years that it took to get to the finish line!

Marty Flores – Ambassador

Have you gone for a run with the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon Ambassadors? If so then you’ve had a chance to hear some of their amazing stories and be inspired! If you haven’t had a chance to run with them in person then you can always tune in here for some Ambassador Motivation.

This week we are talking with Marty Flores, one of the Charlotte Marathon Ambassadors that has been taking his fitness to the next level. Even more impressive he is pushing his limits while battling health issues.

Tim & DC – 2023 Six Pack Series

It’s that time of year again! Your resolutions are in full swing and if being more active is on your list we’ve got just the thing for you. It’s time to get ready for another year of racing and fun with our RunCharlotte Six Pack Series. Six races spread throughout the entire year to make sure that you’ll keep motivated and stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions.

This week on the podcast we are joined by Tim Rhodes, our fearless leader, to talk about all things Six Pack. The 2023 RunCharlotte Six Pack has got some great things in store so without further adieu let’s get into it.

Jacob Rutz – Marathon Winner

Have you ever considered running a marathon? For most of us just the thought of running 26.2 miles is intimidating. So intimidating in fact that only .01% of the world completes a marathon each year. Just getting to the finish line is an accomplishment that will last a lifetime. But some of us are looking for more of a challenge. Once you prove to yourself that you can finish a marathon, the next step is to see if you can do it a little faster, and somewhere down the line after days, weeks, months, and years of training you have to see if you can win one! Well our next guest on the podcast did just that!

Welcome to the podcast Jacob Rutz, the winner of the 2022 Novant Health Charlotte Marathon. He’s here to tell us more about his story, running journey, and what it’s like to win a marathon!

Hannah & Jamie Rowen – Stray Local

What do you do to pass the time while you’re out on a run? Most of you are probably saying you listen to music and if you do this is the episode for you! At the intersection of music and running you’ll find Stray Local, a husband-and-wife indie alt-pop duo of Hannah and Jamie Rowen. If you’ve been around the Charlotte Running or Brewery scenes for a while we are sure you’ve run into them, or with them.

Today on the Running Around Charlotte Podcast we are joined by Jamie & Hannah. We can’t wait to learn more about their music, upcoming projects, and track club!