Sandy Johnson – Ambassador

There’s nothing we appreciate and admire more than a runner who adopts the running cloth to get healthy and set a great example to others and their kids. Bonus points if that runner is also willing to share their journey as a Novant Health Charlotte Marathon Ambassador.

Sandy Johnson is that kind of runner. She’s checked the box on most all of the local “biggies.” She also got her own “BIG” marathon in last year’s Chicago marathon. We’re happy to have her on this year’s Ambassador’s team, and on today’s episode of the Running Around Charlotte podcast!

Brian North – Martin Marietta

We love to mix it up with our road races here at the RunCharlotte Six Pack Series, but we guarantee the last one in the pack will knock your socks off because … it’s not on a road. In fact, this race ROCKS! No really… it does… because we’re taking you almost a mile DOWN into a Martin Marietta rock quarry, and back up again. That’s right. A rock quarry. And there’s nothing else like this race around here, trust us.

The Keffer Cares Boulder Dash in October will not only wrap up our Six Pack Series, it will show off the quietest neighbor you never knew existed in Charlotte. The Boulder Dash 5k and 5 miler at the Martin Marietta quarry on Beatties Ford Road will show you an inside view of mining operations in Charlotte. Brian North, the Vice President of Environmental and Land Services at Martin Marietta is here with us in the Running Around Charlotte studio to tell us all about it.

Dave McGillivray – DMSE Sports

The Boston Marathon is arguably the most storied event in our sport. No matter how long – or far you’ve been running – you’ve at least thought about running this one. And for those who’ve earned that prestigious BQ and then crossed that historic finish… well, that’s another story altogether, isn’t it?

The event’s race director, Dave McGillivray is heck of a story in his own right! Author, hall of famer, valedictorian – in college AND high school. TEDx speaker and founder of his own events company. He’s run across America TWICE, raising money for children’s charities and cancer research.

And somehow, he’s made time to be our guest on the Running Around Charlotte podcast.

Achilles International

We know being active helps everyone. Regardless of age, gender, or ability, an active lifestyle brings a wealth of returns. And having a disability doesn’t mean you can’t be a serious athlete – or even train for a marathon. In 1976, Dick Traum, an above-the-knee amputee, proved it was possible when he became the first amputee to complete the New York City Marathon.

A few years later, Dick founded the Achilles Track Club of New York, specifically for athletes with disabilities. Six of its members completed the New York Marathon that year, and now Achilles International – as it’s now called – has 28 chapters in 19 states, and another 42 chapters in 17 other countries. One of those chapters is right here in Charlotte. Their CEO Emily Glasser, who took the reins from Dick Traum in 2019, is with us now on the Running Around Charlotte Podcast… along with the founder of the Charlotte Chapter, Eric Strong.

Adam Bratton – Human Powered Movement

As runners – and presumably anyone else listening in – the term “human powered movement” seems pretty straightforward. Running IS human powered movement, right? But our next guest here on the Running Around Charlotte podcast has a big, bold view of the term. And has some pretty compelling reasons why.

Let’s check in with Adam Bratton. He’s the guy who’s behind the movement that is “Human Powered Movement.”

Girls on the Run

We’re so happy it’s Spring! We not only love the weather and want to go for a run, but it’s time for spring running programs for the kids. One of our favorites started right here in Charlotte – Girls On The Run. The organization now serves more than 200-thousand girls a year in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. It teaches more than just running, too – it teaches social and emotional skills, confidence, and good life habits, to name a few. Joining us today on Running Around Charlotte are Development Director Monica Carr and Council Director Jamie Krusch.

Sarah Connolly – Cortland

We’re excited about our remaining races in the 6 Pack Race Series and the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon. One reason is, they’re great races and we have a lot of fun. Another – and even better reason – is the money we can raise for a lot of good causes around our region.

Our Sponsors are an important part of making that happen, and this year, Cortland Apartment Living joins the party as a sponsor, with a $1,000 donation to the named beneficiary at each race! They’re also adding a little fun with the Cortland Celebration Zone at every finish line. Their support for the Six Pack and Marathon is a nice fit with their “healthy lifestyle” living arrangements at their 11 properties around the Charlotte area. But wait, there’s more to their community outreach – and Courtland’s managing director Sarah Connolly is here with us today on the Running Around Charlotte Podcast to tell us all about it.

Xavier Vargas – Ambassador

We welcome runners from every background at the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon, and choose Ambassadors who reflect that, too. Our next guest on the Running Around Charlotte podcast is a husband and father of two, who hails from the Bronx – but he’s been around the world serving in the U.S. Army, and also found the time to give back to the community he lives in now – Camden, South Carolina – while pursuing his MBA. Sounds like he has a full plate! Let’s learn more about Xavier Vargas, who you’ll see running our Six Pack races and the marathon.

Ashley Muschiatti – Novant

One of the number one questions for any runner is how to FUEL. Yes, what to eat, when to eat it, and how much to eat for the distance you want to run in training or a race. If you feel like you’re just going from experience or trying to figure out a complex mathematical formula for every meal, we get it. Our next guest on the Running Around Charlotte podcast gets it too – and she’s got the knowledge to help! Ashley Muschiatti is a Registered Dietician and Performance Specialist with Novant Health Sports Performance, and she’s got answers.