John Lytton, Backyard Ultras

Ever heard of a “backyard ultra?” It’s actually a real thing. It’s not a forever-long session of chores in the lawn, but an actual event format. It’s kind of like a “last one standing” race, where competitors must consecutively run the distance of 4.167 miles (6.706 kilometers) in less than one hour. There’s no predetermined distance or time in a backyard ultra, so rest and fueling are also a big part of the game.

On this episode of The Running Around Charlotte Podcast, presented by Novant Health Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, we’ve got the scoop on just such an event in the works here in the Charlotte area. John Lytton is in the studio with DC and guest host Lindsey McGee to explain how it works, and why former NFL star DeAngelo Williams is part of this whole thing!

Lindsey McGee, Ambassador Program Lead

If you’ve been running around Charlotte at all – and particularly at events in and around town – you’ve probably run into some of our Novant Health Charlotte Marathon Ambassadors. 

They’re you’re ticket to discounts on events all year long, of course, and there’s more to it than that. They want you make you welcome to the greater running community. The program’s been such a bonus, we’ve DOUBLED the ranks for 2024. 

Lindsey McGee is leading up the progam for us this year… and she’s our guest on this episode of the Running Around Charlotte Podcast.

Molly Barker, Girls on the Run

Our next guest on The Running Around Charlotte Podcast says she has lived – and continues to live – a big, unapologetic life. Wow! Wouldn’t we all love to say the same. 

She’s an author, speaker, motivator, LISTENER, new grandmother, and more. She’s an activist, a firebrand – in the best sense of the word, and a beautiful friend. And she’s also the founder of Girls on the Run.

I am over the moon to welcome Molly Barker to the Running Around Charlotte Podcast! 

Verna Volker

One of the most exciting things happening in running these days is that we see more and more diversity in the sport. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Look around at the starting line of an event… take a run on a local greenway… and you’ll see more and more people that look like the melting pot that is our community. 

And, more and more of these under-represented runners are showing their peers that they, too, have a place in the larger running community. 

Our next guest on The Running Around Charlotte Podcast is one of those runners who’s helping runners like herself see they belong. Verna Volker is founder of Native Women Running, and is our guest on The Running Around Charlotte Podcast.

Jimmy Coleman

We talk a lot here on the program about giving your miles meaning – and we talk to a LOT of runners who do just that. 

Jimmy Coleman is one of those runners. He tackled a 50-mile route that took him to five Catholic churches here in Charlotte for what he described as his “Adoration Ultra.” 

He said in one interview that he’d been looking for a way to fuse his faith and his fitness journey… and if you ask us, he seems to have found a way. 

Jimmy, welcome to the Running Around Charlotte Podcast! 

Phil Reed, Charlotte Runners United

One of the MANY things we love about running around Charlotte, is that you don’t have to look too far to find someone who’ll join you. There seems to be a run club or meet-up every day of the week, in most any part of town! 

We’re happy to introduce you to a new-to-us running club called, Charlotte Runners United. Their first run together was just over a year ago, and they’re still at it! 

Phill Reed is the name and face you’ll see often on the Club’s Instagram. And he’s our guest today on The Running Around Charlotte Podcast.

Rebeca Ehrnrooth, CRC plogging event

One of the things we LOVE about running around Charlotte is how clean the city is. Bring someone in from out of town, and it’s generally one of the things they notice. That, and how many people seem to be running in this town… 

But with more than 100 people moving here every day, that means a little more trash every day, too. And it starts to add up. 

Runners being runners, you know we’re going to figure out a way to fix that – and get a couple of miles in along the way. Rebeca Ehrnrooth is our guest here on the Running Around Charlotte podcast to tell us about a little good clean fun planned for later this month! 

Jeffrey Hudnall, NHCM finisher; BQ, too

As we’ve said before on the program, for every runner joining us at the start of the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon… there’s a backstory they carry along with them.
Our guest today on The Running Around Charlotte Podcast is one of those runners — and he has one of those stories. Jeffrey Hudnall told us he got into running because he wanted to be better tomorrow than he is today.
And once you hear the rest of his story, we think you’ll agree—he really is!

Taylor Christie, NHCM ½ Marathon Finisher

As we have said many times on this program, for every one of the THOUSANDS who run with us at the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon… there are thousands of reasons “why.” 

Taylor Christie is one of the runners who shared their “why” with us, and graciously agreed to share that story with us here on the Running Around Charlotte Podcast. 

Taylor and Taylor, thanks for being on the program! 

Jay Holder, Running USA

Our next guest on the Running Around Charlotte Podcast is a name some OG Charlotte runners may remember. Quite honestly, we’re surprised we’re just now getting him on the program! 

Jay Holder is the Executive Director of Running USA—a relatively new role for him. He’s the former VP of the Atlanta Track Club, a former professional journalist, and collegiate runner. 

And, another item he can add to that LinedIn profile: guest on the Running Around Charlotte Podcast! Jay welcome to the show!