Matt Dengler – RxRd Nutrition

It’s HOT outside! You might be exercising less, not drinking enough – and if you’re like us – don’t have much motivation to cook. Matt Dengler of RxRD Nutrition is here with us toay, with tips on eating (and drinking) healthy all summer long!

Magan Martignago & John Carriker – That CLT Running Couple

You may have seen our next guests on Instagram as ThatCLTRunningCouple. They met while running, and now chronicle their runs through the Queen City. Magan Martignango & John Carriker cheer on each other and their friends. And we’re happy to have them as our guests on Running Around Charlotte.

Meg Taylor – Ambassador

Our Novant Health Charlotte Marathon Ambassadors are some of the best! And while they all have running in common, they come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Today on Running Around Charlotte, we get a glimpse into the life of a pharmacist who specializes in oncology pharmacy — and even rides in the popular bike fundraiser for cancer support here in Charlotte, in addition to her running.

Meg’s 24 Foundation Fundraising Page

Jim Vahrenkamp – Queens University

We’re blessed in our community to have a number of great colleges with sports programs, giving student-athletes a chance to excel at sports beyond the high school level. D-2 school Queens University of Charlotte is definitely one of those, with multiple sports like track & field, swimming, and lacrosse playing for, or even winning, national championships.

Our next guest on Running Around Charlotte is at the helm of the school’s successful running program. Jim Vahrenkamp is the Director of Track & Field and Cross Country at Queens-U, where teams racked up dozens of conference and regional cross-country and track & field championships, and Vahrenkamp has earned Southeast Region Coach of the Year honors nine times and South Atlantic Coach of the Year honors 10 times. Yeah he’s busy — and he also coaches the Queen City Track Club, which offers collegiate-level coaching for middle and high school students who want to reach the next level.

C.J. Langley – Ambassador

If you need a little extra motivation, go read the Instagram posts from our Ambassador C.J. Langley. He has every excuse in the book to not try as hard as he does – a busy job and a foot injury among them. But still, he runs – carefully at times – but he realizes reaching goals takes the right shoes, consistency, and no shortcuts.

We’re glad he’s an Ambassador for the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon again this year, and even happier he’s here on Running Around Charlotte to share some positive vibes.

Casey Cline – Ambassador

We know runners love the great outdoors — and our next guest on Running Around Charlotte not only runs in it, but DESIGNS outdoor spaces! Casey Cline is an artist, Landscape Architect, runner, and Novant Health Charlotte Marathon Ambassador. She’s all about beautiful spaces as she explores — and she’s here today to share her positive vibes.

Chris Raulli – UltraRunner

What’s your idea of a nice, long run? Ten miles? 20? A marathon? Awesome.

Our next guest on Running Around Charlotte, though, likes the Ultras. Chris Raulli was a member of Team USA for the 2018 World Trail Championships and other international races, and even more importantly — took 2nd at our 2018 Novant Health Charlotte Marathon! Last summer, he picked up a win at the One NY Challenge — the 1000k Virtual Race across New York… and has the US 50k Championship coming up. Welcome Chris!

Kerry McLaughlin – Novant Health

We all know running is great exercise, but let’s be real — it feels different during every stage of our lives. Men also experience training differently from women. Any workout you do to be a better runner is not one-size-fits-all — so our guest today on Running Around Charlotte addresses some of the nuances for women runners.

Wait, guys — you need to hear this too. If you’re married to a runner, or in a relationship with one, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the aches and pains women face as they age, or bear children, or face hormonal challenges that come with all of the above. And we have just the person to fill you in. Kerry McLaughlin is a Physical Therapist and runner who specializes in strengthening the pelvic muscles that life can really knock out of whack, especially in women.

Alessandra Ball James – everyBodies Ballet

When we think of strong, toned legs, we probably think of two types of athletes — runners, and dancers. They aren’t mutually exclusive, and our next guest on Running Around Charlotte is proof. Alessandra Ball James spent 15 seasons with the dance company at Charlotte Ballet, performing countless hours as a Sugar Plum Fairy and other incredible roles.

She also runs. (It’s true!) And she’s an entrepreneur, retiring from the ballet company in 2020 to open everyBodies Ballet with fellow dancer, Sarah Hayes Harkins. Talk about a dynamic duo! I bet they can dance circles around almost anyone in Charlotte — but Alessandra is here, instead, to talk about her running life and her new life as an entrepreneur.