Jurgen Buchenau, NHCM finisher

As we have said – and heard – many times on this program, EVERYONE has their reason to run. 

We checked in with this year’s Novant Health Charlotte Marathon participants and asked them why THEY run with us. Many of you were happy to share your stories with us, including Jurgen Buchenau, who wrote this to us:

This marathon will be the tenth time I have run this race as a long-time Charlotte resident, and my twelfth marathon overall. From my first Charlotte marathon as a 41-year-old in 2005 to this marathon, which occurs several months before my 60th birthday, I have seen this event grow into one of the most fun running events in North Carolina!

Naturally, we excited to hear MORE from Jurgen and what makes the NHCM sch a “must do.” Jurgen, welcome to the Running Around Charlotte Podcast!