Bethany Salisbury – Artist

If you have a pet, you know it’s part of the family! But you also know how hard it is to capture their spirit in a photo, because the best moments often come out a blur – it’s not easy to make them sit still when they’re being cute. So how do you turn a treasured glimpse of your pet into a keepsake?

Our next guest on the Running Around Charlotte podcast can help. Pet Portraits by Bethany can help you slow down the motion and capture your awesome BFF – best 4-footed friend – forever. And the artist, Bethany Salisbury, is also a runner! The former VP of the Charlotte Running Club joins us today to talk about life as a runner, artist, and now, Fine Arts grad student.

Nathan Leehman – Ultra Running Company

We know marathoners are a special breed – it takes a lot of time, energy, and dedication to train for a 26-mile race and be any good at it. But let’s quadruple that distance for a moment, and consider the energy, sweat, and *we’re pretty sure,* TEARS that come with a 100-mile race. If you’re good, that’s 20-some hours of running at once.

We’re joined today on the Running Around Charlotte Podcast today by one of those very special people, who travels the world competing in Ultramarathons. Even better, he opened a running store in 2013 so people who love running could gather, hang out, talk about running, and yes, buy exactly the right shoes for them. It’s our pleasure to say hi today to Nathan Leehman.

Donny Forsyth – Charlotte Running Company

We always hear that age slows us down, but our next guest on Running Around Charlotte defies that idea. Donny Forsyth is one of the top Masters triathletes in the country, winning his age group at races all over the U.S. with his team, Triple Threat Racing. In December, he competed in the XTerra World Championships, and hasn’t stopped there.

It’s a good thing he owns a shoe store, with all of the rubber he wears out! Yes, Donny is one of the owners of Charlotte Running Company, which has 5 locations around the Charlotte area and -STOP THE PRESSES- was just named 2021 Best Running Store in America at The Running Event in Austin, Texas. He’s joining us now to tell us how a guy with a Masters Degree in Park & Recreation Management landed his first job in pharmaceuticals, only to transition to owning the best running store in America a few years later.


Lorna Martinez – Famous Toastery

Want a fun, fresh breakfast? The answer is apparently, “Yes,” because a small house-turned-restaurant that first served breakfast in Huntersville in 2005, now has more than 30 locations across 6 states! Yum! If you live in the Charlotte area, chances are you’ve eaten at a Famous Toastery. 

And if you hurry, you can sign up for the Famous Toastery Shamrock 4-Miler coming up March 12th. Get your green on and go run! It’s a really fun, “top o’ the morning” event in a sea of green. Lorna Martinez is joining us now on the Running Around Charlotte Podcast to fill us in on what’s new at Famous Toastery and their involvement in the first race of our 6-pack series.