Tyrone Irby – Together We Stand NC

All runners everywhere were HORRIFIED to hear what happened to Ahmaud Arbery nearly 2 years ago, in February 2020. He was simply doing what so many of us do – taking a run through a beautiful neighborhood, taking in the local scenery with awe and curiosity. Except HE was chased down and shot, as 3 neighbors assumed he was there to commit a crime instead of just running.

The outcry led to a lot of social justice movements, and the leader of one of those is with us today on the Running Around Charlotte podcast. Tyrone Irby is a certified personal trainer and sports performance coach, and former strength and conditioning coach at NC Central University. But he’s here with us today as the founder of Together We Stand, a statewide effort to have conversations about race with a good run and a tasty beer. The annual Maud 2.23 run is coming up here in Charlotte, and Tyrone joins us to talk about the run and the movement – welcome Tyrone!