Ashley Armistead – Let Me Run

We know running can be good for a lot of things at any age — health and fitness, our minds, and our confidence, to name a few. So when a running program for girls spread like wildfire across the nation, one of their coaches here in Charlotte thought something similar would be good for boys.

Working on a degree in Sports Science opened Ashley Armistead’s eyes to the role mental and emotional health play in overall wellness. As a running coach and mom of two boys, she was aware of the “Boy Code” that sometimes stifles boys’ feelings and emotions. The result of Ashley’s efforts was Let Me Run, a running program for boys that also lets them know it’s okay to have feelings and lean on each other for support. Ashley joins us now to bring us up to date on a refreshed, post-pandemic Let Me Run program – which just finished its first post-pandemic 5k. Welcome!