Andy Goh – Charlotte’s Got a Lot

You may have heard that Charlotte’s Got a Lot. And it does! But where did those billboards come from, and what exactly IS Charlotte’s Got a Lot? Andy Goh is here to fill us in and tell us about their connection to the Novant Heath Charlotte Marathon. And did we mention he’s a runner too?

Page Fehling & Jason Harper | Good Day Charlotte

Morning shows are the fastest-growing segment of the TV News day, and how you draw viewers in for news, traffic, and weather as they wake up, has a big effect on if they come back at other times of the day.A  few years back, Fox 46 jumped into the crowded Charlotte TV market and made a big name for themselves not only with content of their morning newscasts.. but the personalities as well. And we have two of them with us here right now on the Running Around Charlotte podcast… Page Fehling and Jason Harper of Good Day Charlotte.

Sandra Holub | Albemarle Foundation

Runners have a special camaraderie  – the kind you develop by sweating out the details and doing the hard training to reach your goals. Our U.S. military men and women are the same – building bonds with each other through missions that serve our country and keep our allies safe around the world. Albemarle Foundation supports our military men and women, and are showing it in a unique way during the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon. The foundation is sponsoring the Half-marathon Rucking Division. It’s just one way Albemarle Foundation is “Growing the Good” at the marathon, and Sandra Holub from the foundation joins us on Running Around Charlotte to tell us more about what that means.

Casey Cline | Fit Beyond Design

Casey Cline is a runner, artist, designer and coach. As a Novant Charlotte Marathon Ambassador, she motivates runners every day. Let’s get to know Casey a little better – and how all the parts of her life “Fit” together.

Chad Champion | Charlotte Running Club

Every marathon needs runners, right? And nothing encourages runners in their pursuits like… other runners. Seriously, running is more fun with a buddy. That is the whole idea behind the Charlotte Running Club, now nearly 500 runners strong. Chad Champion is their president and joins us for a little Running Around Charlotte.

Kimberly Reynolds | Publix

We all know running burns a lot of fuel, and you’ve got to feed your engine if you’re going to train for.. and run.. a marathon. We’ve all heard this before, but we could use some last-minute tips before our race just to make sure we’re on the right track, right? Well we’ve got ’em…. and we know where to buy what you need, too. Say hello to Kimberly Reynolds, of Publix Super Markets. Publix is a Novant Health Charlotte Marathon sponsor, and also a great place to load up on those foods you need to fuel your race.

Bryan Hojo | Collector

No matter how fast or slow or far you run, you’re surrounded by plenty of opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of the world around you. Seasons change, the weather does, too… and even the very same route you run every day can seem all new. Some of us are better witness to this than others. Our guest here on the Running Around Charlotte Podcast is Bryan “Hojo” Hojnacki. He’s a long time Novant Health Charlotte Marathon pace team leader — and let’s just say he’s quite a collector of things, too.

Duncan Littlefield | The Littlefield Co

We’ve all heard the saying – a picture is worth a thousand words. Our next guest tells stories that move – with video and photography. You’ve seen The Littlefield Co’s work on the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon. Now let’s talk to man behind the brand, Duncan Littlefield.

Darius Moore | Moore Moves

If you’re active in Charlotte, chances are you’ve run into our next guest. This Charlotte native is a dad, a runner, speaks four languages AND is the defending relay champion at the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon. He’s trained and motivated countless runners through his company Moore Moves. Darius Moore joins us for this episode of Running Around Charlotte!

Christo Landry | Professional Runner

Sometimes the best advice you can get for anything, is from someone who has done what you want to do – and been wildly successful doing it. That is the case for Christo Landry, a native of Wisconsin who held the American Record in the 25k and was a three-time All-American cross country runner in college. He’s also a running coach and motivational speaker – in other word, just what we need right now! He gives his experienced advice to Running Around Charlotte.