Rosice Batsuli – DJ

If you’re one of those runners who’s just GOT to have your tunes to make the miles melt away, then you’ll love our next guest. Heck, if you’ve been to practically ANY event on the Charlotte running calendar, then you probably already know him.

DJ Rosice Batsui is the bedrock of the local running event experience; providing the soundtrack for the RunCharlotte 6-Pack Series of events and the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon.

Luis Bayon – Yoga Teacher & Trainer

Like many college and university students, Luis Bayon’s undergraduate experience was full of twists and turns, new experiences, changing majors, and self-discovery. But Luis’s journey from business major to yogi has many more detours than most – and it all started when his family picked up and moved from Cuba to North Carolina.

Jeniece Jamison – Ambassador

If you spend any time running at all, you’ll eventually experience a setback. Whether it’s work, family, illness, or injury… very, very few of us skate through without something that slows us down. We could do an entire YEAR’S worth of shows on all the stuff that’s knocked us off schedule.

Our next guest can sympathize. Jeneice Jamison is making her own comeback of sorts. She’s a writer and TV news producer, a runner – of course – and one of this year’s Novant Health Charlotte Ambassadors.

Philip Sanford – Get Your Rear In Gear

Philip Sanford was in high school when his mom was diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer. She was just 41. As a grown-up, a runner, and an advocate, Sanford has picked up the cause his mother was unable to continue. 

He’s been to Capitol Hill to lobby for better outcomes. He’s also the local director for Charlotte’s colon cancer awareness run, the “Get Your Rear in Gear” 5k. He also happens to be a 2023 Novant Health Charlotte Marathon Ambassador – and he’s our guest on this episode of the Running Around Charlotte podcast.