Alejandro Burgos

We all remember 2020 as a year when everything changed. We had to stay in our homes, and words like social distancing and pandemic became a part of our everyday language.  We traded happy hours at the bar for drinks in our pajamas over zoom and we all collectively forgot what the bottom half of a human face looks like. It’s safe to say that 2020 was a tough year for just about everyone, and if you or a loved one contracted Covid-19 we can only imagine.

We aren’t afraid to say it. Covid was scary! In 2020 we didn’t know much but we knew that it could really hurt your lungs and that some people weren’t able to bounce back from it. So you can imagine when Alejandro (Alex) Burgos contracted Covid in the middle of training for a 100mi race it really threw a wrench in his plans. But enough introduction we can hear all about it from the man himself. Thanks for joining us today Alejandro.

Jillian Peat Hamilton – Race Agains ISMs

Isms… Racism, Sexism, Classism, Ableism, the list goes on. We are all affected by them even if it is not directly. But it is important to remember that even if something does not affect you or someone you love that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. Our world needs to change and become more inclusive and though at times it seems like we are more divided than ever organizations like our next podcast guest give us hope that maybe we are not quite as divided as we think.

This week on the podcast we are joined by Jillian Peat Hamilton from Race Against ISMs 5K. They are here to tell us about the opportunities that their race provides as well as the work that we must keep doing if we hope to achieve a world without -isms!

Paula Kranz – Novant Health Innovation Lab

Have you ever wondered where all the technological innovations you see at the hospital come from? From x-ray machines to teledoc visits, to the machines that look straight out of a sci-fi comic book, modern medicine is at the cutting edge of technological advancement. But who thinks up all of those things?

Well we’ve been wondering the same thing. So we are learning more about where some of the most fantastic technological innovations come from. Today on the podcast we are joined by Paula Kranz, the Executive Director of the Novant Health Innovation Lab that was recently opened in Uptown Charlotte. The Innovation Lab’s mission is to revolutionize health care for both patients and healthcare professionals, and we can’t wait to learn more!

Vanessa Parker – Armored Calves Run Club

Running and then drinking a beer may not always sound like it goes together but if you live in the Queen City you know that it is a match made in heaven. In Charlotte, we have breweries and those breweries have run clubs. In Charlotte proper there are more than 30 breweries, and that number just past 50 when you start to include some of the surrounding areas. Starting with Noda Run Club the idea of having a run club meet at a brewery grew in popularity very quickly!

Today we are joined by Vanessa Parker from the Armored Calves Run Club that runs from the Armored Cow Brewery in University. We can’t wait to learn more about the Run Club over there and hopefully by the end of this episode you’ll be headed there on Tuesdays for a few miles and a few beers!