Lindsay McClelland – Ambassador

It’s been said that fish can’t run, and swimmers don’t do land sports. Our next guest on the Running Around Charlotte Podcast doesn’t fit that standard definition, because she’s a former collegiate swimmer who now runs marathons. In fact, Lindsey McClelland is a marketing director, brand ambassador, former yoga instructor, mom, and yes – a Novant Health Charlotte Marathon Ambassador. She’s a busy, energetic woman and we’re glad to have her as a guest on our show today.

Kelly Moriarty – Novant Health

One thing all runners dread is that feeling that something hurts – and not a “good hurt” either! If you’re in tune with your body, you know when something hurts the “wrong way.” You also have to be careful of external factors, like running in traffic, or other ways you can get injured. Our next guest on Running Around Charlotte is a pro at preventing the injuries – Kelly Moriarty is a Trauma Injury Prevention Coordinator for Novant Health.

Kelly works with a broad range of people, trying to prevent injury from multiple types of trauma – including child abuse, dating violence, and guns. But she also helps runners avoid injury too, and that’s why she’s here with us today… so you DON’T end up being a patient if you can avoid it.

Kate Hamilton – Ambassador

It takes a lot of people to make the Charlotte Marathon happen! A lot of people! From timing, to marketing. From customer service to sponsorship, it takes a village to coordinate a marathon! One piece of the puzzle and hopefully one of the pieces you are most familiar with are our fantastic Charlotte Marathon ambassadors. If you’re in the Charlotte area or even beyond you’ve seen them out in the city, at running clubs, and maybe even running with you! The ambassadors get the city excited for our race and that just might be the most important job we have!

Today we are joined by Kate Hamilton! Kate is one of the 2022 Charlotte Marathon Ambassadors and we are so excited to have her here to learn a little more about her running journey and what she does when she isn’t in her running shoes!

Ashley Roth – NoDa Brewing

Charlotte’s beer scene just might be the best in the world, and the folks at NoDa have played no small part in that. Really that’s an understatement, NoDa Brewing has been leading the way for Charlotte beer since they opened in 2011. They’ve also gone out of there way to support the Charlotte community, including being a sponsor of the Charlotte Marathon. 11 years later they are still leading the way with their amazing beer and commitment to improving the Queen City as well as the entire craft beer scene.

Today we are joined by Ashley Roth from NoDa Brewing. Ashley is the brains behind some of your favorite NoDa events! A mastermind when it comes to logistics, she is always ready to find a way to make things happen! We are very excited to have her here!