Pete Ripmaster

Do you love winter? The feel of a brisk wind in your face? The sound of snow and ice crunching under your boots? Yes? Well, our next guest can multiply that by the thousands. Pete Ripmaster ran the Iditarod Trail foot race, a thousand-mile trek across the great wilderness of Alaska in February of 2018. No, he didn’t ride a sled pulled by dogs — that’s a different Iditarod race. This one was all Pete vs. the wilderness. And he not only survived, he won! And he lived to tell about it — right now, on Running Around Charlotte.

Lissa Nypaver – Ambassador

Let’s check in with another one of our Novant Health Charlotte Marathon ambassadors — and this one, can give some valuable advice and motivation to those of you who’ve ever had an injury and needed to take some time off. Lissa Nypaver is used to running a LOT of races — at least one a month… or 2… or 3… but like we all know, a lot of races this year were cancelled or run virtually. And then on top of it all.. ow, knee surgery. She joins us now on Running Around Charlotte to give us an update on her year.

Novant Health Foundation

Our partnership with Novant Health is a great one. Novant keeps the marathon rolling with health and wellness, and all money raised by the marathon is used to support programs at Hemby Children’s Hospital. In fact, in the last few years, the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon has donated more than $200,000 dollars to Hemby because of our runners’ enthusiastic support.

So it’s with great joy that we welcome Amy McKinney and Jessica Osborn from Novant Health Foundation to the Running Around Charlotte podcast.