Bekah Eljoundi – Ambassador

We know runners love running, and our ambassadors are the epitome of that. We have with us today one of those ambassadors, Bekah Eljoundi. Her running story is pretty amazing, considering she spent most of her childhood held back by asthma and never even THOUGHT she could be a runner — even though she always admired them. She’s here to tell us how she went on to run 19 marathons now… even one, 6 months after having a baby.



Taryn Cullen – Novant / EXOS

You’ve heard about it, and maybe even felt it – those extra pounds some of us are putting on because we now work a few steps from the fridge, and aren’t following our normal workout routine. They’ve been called the “Quarantine 15” or even the “COVID-15” – Yikes – and we need to keep them off. Taryn Cullen has some ideas to help you. She’s a Registered Dietician with Novant Health and she joins us today on Running Around Charlotte with a few simple ideas to set you back on the right path.



Blair Kitrick – Ambassador

We can’t think about running in groups right now, and we definitely can’t consider running a race with hundreds of other people…. Or can we? Blair Kitrick thinks we can… if we do it by ourselves.

Wait, what? — Yes.. Blair and her Dad are organizing a VIRTUAL 5k and 10k race to raise money for hospital masks. It’s the kind of enthusiasm about running we would expect from Blair.. since she is one of our Ambassadors for the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon. She’s also the founder of JayTalking, a non-profit focused on individual rights, and improving relationships between police and youth. Thanks for joining us, Blair.. we have a lot to talk about!


Dr. Karan Shukla – Novant

Runners… we know you’re hurting. We know you still want to go out and do your usual runs (and we’d also understand if you don’t) — but a lot has changed. We’re all worried about our health, and we’re worried about other people’s health too – and yet we still want to run, safely. Our guest today on Running Around Charlotte can help you do that. Dr. Karan Shukla is a Physician at Novant Health Randolph Family and Sports Medicine, and he’s also served as a physician in the medical tent at the Charlotte Marathon for the last three years. He understands you, runners, and he’s here to help.