Arun Kallikadavil

Just like the name sounds, a Marathon Ambassador is someone who encourages others to get excited about running — everyone from beginners trying their first 5k to experienced veterans who have run dozens of races. And of course, Ambassadors are go-getters who love people and love bringing them together to -you guessed it- run! We have one with us today on the Running Around Charlotte podcast – welcome Arun Kallikadavil!

Franklin Keathley

Since our podcast is named “Running Around Charlotte,” we love to hear from runners themselves about what motivates them, their goals, their running secrets, and their favorite places to train. We have one of those avid runners and cyclists here with us, also a board member with Charlotte Running Club, who likes to talk a bit about safe routes as well — a big welcome to Franklin Keathley!

Meagan & Kelly Fillnow – Fillnow Coaching

Good distance running requires a lot of training, as we know…. but training for running, swimming, AND cycling all at once? It takes an “Iron Man”… or “Woman”…  to do it all and win. And today on Running Around Charlotte we have not just one, but TWO Ironman champions and professional triathletes, who also just happen to share the same last name.. and at one point, even the same womb. Say Welcome to twin sisters Kelly and Meghan Fillnow, pro triathletes and owner & manager of Fillnow Coaching.