Katie Gregory – Strip It to Give It

Well this next one sounds fun… a race called, “Strip It to Give It.”¬†¬†Okay, I’ll let you visualize that for a moment……. then tell you, it’s probably not what you’re imagining right now (unless you’ve already heard of this race).

This race, like most, involves runners stripping off articles of clothing as they go about the course… but then the clothes are collected, washed, and donated to our homeless neighbors in the Queen City. Now THERE’S an idea! And the creator of this good idea is Katie Gregory – someone who has worked with our homeless neighbors since she was a teenager.

Justin Ratike – Run SignUp

If you search about any road race in Charlotte, one of the first listings that pops up is the one for Run Sign Up. That’s because is one of the most popular online platforms for signing up for races and race-day tracking and scoring. The company has managed more than 20-thousand races and supported more than 8-thousand non-profits in doing so — and is growing every year. Justin Ratike is here to tell us all about that they do!

Suzie Ford – NoDa Brewing

Run a marathon, drink a beer? Sure! Why not!

Okay, maybe you ought to hydrate first with water, some fruit, or even your favorite sports drink. Then maybe go home and take a shower — and THEN join your friends for a beer.

NoDa Brewing is one of Charlotte’s first breweries and still one of the biggest – and also happens to be a sponsor of the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon. We’ve invited Suzie Ford, NoDa’s co-founder and co-owner, to join us today on Running Around Charlotte — to inspire and motivate us with her story, and the story of how NoDa Brewing came to be.